Friday, July 29, 2016

Sunshine Dress P4P

I have been testing more patterns lately and this time I made a dress for myself!  I'm so excited about it because the fit is spot on.  Here's a look at the Sunshine Dress I made from Patterns for Pirates.
There are so many options that you could make several of these dresses and no one would know you've been using the same pattern.  The three bodice options are strapless, halter, and crossover, like I have chosen to do.  There are also three different lengths which are- above the knee, below the knee, and maxi.  I chose above the knee because of my height.  I don't know if someone as short as I am could rock a maxi but maybe I will try with this pattern soon.  My favorite option to the pattern is pockets!
The pattern is written with a height of 5'5" in mind and since I am much shorter than that I had to reduce some of the length.  I made a size xs in length and took about 3.5" off between the bodice and skirt measurements.  I was so scared to do this hack because it seems like a lot to take off but it worked out perfect!  So if you are a bit taller than 5'5" then you'll probably need to add some length to the pattern.  The Patterns for Pirates blog has a post about how to add or subtract lengths.
Now if you head over to their blog you'll also find some other pattern hacks that you can try out.  There's a modesty piece and even a way to add sleeves!
This dress is so great I just had to sign up for the P4P affiliate program.  So if you love this dress go and purchase the Sunshine Dress pattern here.   
Last to mention is the fabric I used.  This pattern calls for a 4-way stretch knit.  I used some Riley Blake jersey knit I had in my sewing room.  It's a print made to look like denim and I think it looks great on this dress.  If you'd like to give some a try here's a link to purchase some from my shop.

So tell me what style dress you think you'll make for yourself!  Leave a comment below.


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    1. Thank you so much! I think you would look amazing in a dress like this.... :)