Friday, January 18, 2013


Time for a Giveaway!

Every photographer needs a few new props to add to their collection, right?

Here's one of the hats that are in the prop bundle that I'm giving away.  Precious!

I've been working very hard over the past year trying to gain fans and customersSince I  recently got caught up on orders after a nice break over Christmas and New Years I decided that I wanted to give something back to my loyal (and new) fans.  

These six items are all in newborn or 0-3 months sizes.  They were made to be used as photography props and should not be worn for everyday use.  By the way, please don't judge my lack of photo taking skills on the items in the collage.  I am NOT a photographer by any means!  That is why I have to send everything to models.   

Here's what will be given to the winner:

Bunny Tails Hat- pattern by Bella Rae Crochet
Halo 4 Layer Headband - pattern by RAKJ Patterns
Donegal Cap- pattern by Irish Hooks and Yarn
Boys Neck Tie- Pattern by Crochet My Love
Striped Long Tail Pom Elf Hat- Pattern by RAKJ Patterns
Pom Pom Jester Hat- Pattern by Inner Hooker

*Note to the winner- share some of the photos you take using these props so we all can see them!
*Shipping will be free for the winner

Giveaway runs from midnight EST 1/19/13 to midnight EST 1/21/13.

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